Rules for a Healthier & Happier Family 7/19/2021

SmartCare is a San Diego County-funded program that works with families of all sorts: single-parent, divorced, married, unmarried, remarried, casually coupled, multigenerational, you name it. Parents call us for various reasons centered on their children’s needs, but they often share their concerns about their own and their family’s situation.
SmartCare sees value in discussing family functioning to promote health – in both physical and mental health arenas.  Our case coordinators and clinical consultants seek to understand the environmental and interpersonal challenges of each kid and family referred.  With family consent, we provide a case synopses and share our team’s recommendations for the family with the primary care provider.
Screening for family challenges during pediatric encounters, along with inquiry about family functioning, can be helpful in identifying kids and families at-risk and in enabling earlier interventions.  When the needs are of concern, SmartCare can be of value.
The following is a list of helpful attitudes and practices that can be shared with all families. If its principles were applied universally by all people, the world would be a better place.



  1. Take life slowly when things change and whenever you are in doubt about its course.
  2. Plan ahead and address practical concerns, as well as thoughts and feelings.
  3. Create “house rules” for your relationship with your life partner(s) at home, work, wherever.
  4. Reassess all relationships periodically. Care for yourself.
  5. Be consistent; but stay open for change.
  6. Meet all people—kids and grownups— where they are. Be giving; Expect respect.
  7. Find common ground—have fun and be productive; deal with chores and maintenance issues.
  8. Even love needs boundaries– think about your relationships, seek to improve them.
  9. If any of the above is ever a problem, seek help.
  10. If needed, see a counselor or therapist.

SmartCare’s Family Support Phone Line can help:  Call 858-956-5900

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