This week we would like to focus on you! As healthcare, emergency and/or community service professionals we are privileged to be able to offer our skills and compassion to those suffering from physical and emotional health challenges, yet while doing so we must attend to our own needs to sustain our physical, mental, emotional and […]

“APPY” Holidays 12/15/23

A national survey found that 38% of young adults 14-22 years old experiencing moderate to severe symptoms of anxiety and depression are using stress and anxiety-reducing apps to help them feel better. [Rideout: 2018] Common signs of anxiety in children and adolescents are acting worried or afraid, crying, shaking, tantrums, and refusing to do things, such as […]

Smoking Cigarettes and E-Cigs: Unmasking the Real Deal

Buckle up, because we’re going to show you what’s really behind the smokescreen. What’s the Deal with Cigarettes and E-Cigarettes? Cigarettes: Imagine tiny toxic torches. You light ’em up, and they become a cocktail of chemicals that mess with your body. Sounds kind of gross. Cigarettes can kill too: 5.6 million kids under the age […]


When a child or adolescent reports “I hear voices”, it naturally causes concern for parents and healthcare clinicians alike. The immediate question is “what is the cause”? This, followed by “what to do about it?” An optimal approach to assessing “voices” in youth includes a culturally sensitive, trauma-informed, and family-centered philosophy. The metaphysical experience of […]

Medi-Cal Enhanced Care Management Program 9/8/23

Addressing MEDI-CAL ENHANCED CARE MANAGEMENT (ECM) Today’s newsletter describes California’s new Medi-Cal Enhanced Care Management program, a resource for obtaining Community Supports that can assist individuals in overcoming a variety of life challenges that contribute to worsening of healthcare problems. THE ISSUE: Medi-Cal members with unmet social needs are at higher risk of poor health outcomes […]

Bullying 8/22/23

For many children, the anxiety of a new school year is not just one of nervous excitement about a new year beginning. For many it may be a youth’s severe concern of about the risk of victimization as a result of peer bullying.  Awareness of the potential that a youth may be experiencing bullying should be part […]

Autism Meltdowns & Aggression 8/10/23

With autism currently affecting nearly 1 in 36 children, most healthcare providers will be treating individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) at some point in time. Particularly for those more significantly affected, the issue of agitated and aggressive outbursts is often a major concern, though even in those with less significant symptom profiles, affectively charged […]

Co-Morbidity Between Intellectual Disability and Psychiatric Symptoms 7/25/23

The presence of Intellectual Disability (ID) increases the risk for co-occurring psychiatric disorders in child, adolescent, adult and geriatric patients. Behavioral and emotional problems are three times more likely to occur in these groups and they are frequently not recognized or appropriately treated. This said, problematic behaviors and emotions in this population may also be […]

Disruptive Behavior-Is It Anxiety or Something Else? 7/11/23

It is common for children and families to present to their primary care providers with concerns about behavioral problems and/or wanting to rule out ADHD. The typical presenting problem is severe temper tantrums or disruptive behavior in school. In some of these cases, the appropriate diagnosis is ADHD or another disruptive behavior disorder and treatment […]